Achieve Your Financial Goals with Research-Based Guidance

“I believe in evidence. I believe in observation, measurement, and reasoning, confirmed by independent observers.”
~ Isaac Asimov

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Financial Planning

Any sound investment strategy requires client discussion before developing an implementation plan. Together, we create your unique Investment Policy Statement after obtaining a complete understanding of your risk tolerances, investment objectives, aggregate wealth and income, as well as current risks to your goals.

Research-Based Approach for Your Full Portfolio

Investment Management

We provide full portfolio solutions across asset classes, as well as stand-alone equity, fixed income, and balanced strategies. Investment choices are systematic and based upon findings in academic and proprietary research. We excel in the most crucial portfolio input: asset allocation. We are a direct investor in securities, helping to lower your fee burden.

Manage Risk Comprehensively

Risk Management

Risk to achieving your financial objectives can take many forms and may not be limited to the investments managed through Atlas. We have extensive experience managing risk for individuals and institutions. We offer tax-efficient solutions to reduce benchmark, asset/liability, market, interest rate, and currency risks.

Management for Tax-Exempt Foundations or Endowments

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

We offer OCIO services whereby we manage the investment program for tax-exempt foundations and endowments, drawing on our years of experience in CIO roles at large and sophisticated plan sponsors. We raise the probability of successful outcomes due to our focus on intelligent asset allocation, transparency, and low cost.

Complement Concentrated Exposures

Concentrated Exposure Management

Many Atlas clients have a substantial portion of their net worth in one or more concentrated positions. Examples of these exposures include stock and options held by corporate executives, legacy single equity positions with a low-cost basis and positions in private investment partnerships. Atlas is proficient at helping clients develop a tax and risk-aware plan for the concentrated position while devising a strategy for the remainder of the investment portfolio that best complements the concentrated position.

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