Core Concepts

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation

Give Your Assets the Attention They Deserve

Asset allocation has the single largest impact on client portfolio returns yet interestingly is often an area where policy is set based on “what others are doing” or some static ratio (e.g. 60/40 equities versus bonds) and is rarely influenced by current market conditions.

At Atlas Capital Advisors, asset allocation gets the attention it deserves. Our asset allocation approach is informed by decades of experience managing institutional portfolios. Our systematic process for estimating returns and risks leads to higher returns at lower risk for clients.

Asset Allocation

Better Approach

Atlas Capital Advisors has a better approach to asset allocation, because we:

  • Give allocation the high priority it deserves

  • Have a well-founded approach to estimating the returns and risks across asset classes

  • Have a well-founded approach for choosing among equity sectors and regions

  • Understand the connections between the macroeconomic picture and asset prices

  • Are willing to adjust down the amount of risk in client portfolios – rarely, but when the risk of losses is high relative to the likely reward for taking risk

  • Design portfolios which are liquid, transparent, flexible and opportunistic

Asset Allocation

Research and Evaluation

We believe that asset allocation remains the most promising underexploited approach to improve portfolio outcomes. Innovations such as ETFs and increasing granularity of available index funds allow a lower cost and more flexible implementation than just a decade ago.

Our asset allocation decisions are primarily based upon the two most widely researched factors:

Value: Is the relationship of price to underlying fundamental information favorable?

Momentum: Has the price been rising?

Further, we evaluate these characteristics in two ways:

Relative: Within the same asset class – for instance comparing value of US equities to EM equities.

Absolute: An asset relative to its own history – for instance comparing the current P/E ratio of US equities to the prior distribution of P/E ratios for US equities.

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